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Tony Navarra

Developing Habits of Self-Reliance

Developing Habits of Self-Reliance
Tony Navarra
Metro Toastmasters

Who here wants to be self reliant?
What does it mean to be self-reliant?
Grow all your own food, sew all your own clothes?
What would you think of an unemployed auto worker. He worked at the auto plant for 20 years, for the past few years he has been sure he will lose his job at some point. Yet today he is unemployed, no transferable skills and the generous unemployment is running out.

Sales Training

Sales Training
Metro Toastmasters
Tony Navarra

Good Morning ladies and gentleman. We are here today to learn how to sell. Let us start at the beginning.

What is sales? Selling?

According to Wikipedia -
A sale is the pinnacle activity involved in selling products or services in return for money or other compensation. It is an act of completion of a commercial activity.

Selling is offering to exchange something of value for something else.

Pretty dry isn’t it. I prefer my own definition -

How To Be a Failure

Fellow Toastmasters and Guests.

I am here to speak about how you can be a failure.

I want you to be a failure!

How many here want to be a failure?

Not a very ambitious bunch, are you?

It is not easy to be a failure. It takes work and dedication to be a failure, but I have faith that you can fail at anything you put your mind to.
There are three steps to become a failure – don’t have goals, don’t work consistently towards anything and hang out with other failures.
We will then finish up with your action plan for failure.

Don’t Have Goals

Cognitive Bias

Good morning fellow Toastmaster and guests.

I am here to talk about cognitive biases. What is a cognitive bias, you might ask. Biases are short cuts, or heuristics, that we use to make decisions and to think about our world. How many people here have had a car that always pulled to one side? A bias is like that pull to one side. Most of the time it is not a problem, but if we get tired or distracted, we start to stray off the road.

Book Project

I have been kicking around the idea of writing a book for several years now. It is one of those things that seems so exciting in the abstract, but is a lot of work up-close. I have some time right now, so I have decided to invest that time in getting my ideas down on paper. Time to start hiding my light under a bushel basket.

Of course, I can't just come out and say that I am going to write a book. That would be making too much of a commitment! Can't have that. So I am going to sidle up to this one. Here is how I am going to approach this whole project.


The Science of Happiness
Talk given to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hidalgo County

When I started preparing for this talk, I thought this would be easy. There would be a half-dozen types of happiness and a laundry list of actions one could take to achieve happiness. I was wrong, and that made me unhappy.

When I agreed to give this talk two weeks ago, I imagined myself becoming an expert on happiness and giving a smooth and snappy delivery. I would be better then any other speaker that has appeared before you.

Back to School

I have started going back to school. An online school no less. I have had to write more papers then I think I ever had to do in college the first time around. Here is a copy of my first paper. It was fun to do.


Impact of Cellular Phones on American Society
Tony Navarra
University of Phoenix

Dr. Arnold Bereson
February 25, 2009

Impact of Cellular Phones on American Society

Letter to the Editor

I read an article in a local business magazine today. There was a cover article I had some trouble with. Here is my letter to the editor -

Dear Ms. Martinez:

Reality TV

Somebody asked me recently, "Can you believe everything you read in the newspaper or see on the TV news?"

This was my answer -


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